GSG Individual Members Enjoy the Following Benefits

1. Exclusive invitations to GSG conferences, events, and activities focused on student leadership, student advocacy, student activism, and education politics. These opportunities allow you to network with student leaders from other countries and continents, as well as contribute to

2. Voting rights in GSG Executive Committee elections.

3. GSG email newsletters with opportunities from the GSG and its member organizations, plus updates about recent events in student politics around the world.

4. Access to any services the GSG develops for students.

5. Access to any discounts the GSG offers through external partnerships and collaborations.

You can become a GSG Individual Member if you are a student who meets one of the following criteria:

1) your student government joined the GSG via the opt-in membership model (includes any student government in the Informal Forum of International Student Organisations (IFISO) and any student government representing a specific subject of study except for the International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS));

2) your student government is not part of the GSG;

3) you are not represented by any student government.

If you belong to a “student union” type of student government that is part of the GSG or if you are part of IAPSS, you are already a GSG Individual Member and do not have to purchase an Individual Membership, in which case you can contact your student government about how to access your GSG membership benefits. A “student union” in this context is a student government representing all students of all subjects of study within a certain area (a campus, country, continent, etc.).

You can purchase a GSG Individual Membership below:

  • Individual Membership – 1 Year

    From: 5.00 / year
  • Individual Membership – 2 Years

    From: 8.00 every 2 years