Become a Member

We welcome all democratic, student-led organizations representing students within a designated geographical jurisdiction and/or a subject of study to join the Global Student Government.

To join the Global Student Government, the organization-applicant must satisfy all criteria listed below.

  • The organization is entirely run by students.
  • The organization is democratic and holds regular elections.
  • The organization represents students within a designated geographical jurisdiction and/or a subject of study.
  • The organization is committed to paying a membership fee through one of the available ways.

The Accession Process by steps:

  1. The organization has to decide the way they will pay their membership fee:
    1. The organization will add an annual levy of one (1) Euro per student added to an Association Members’ existing annual levies or individual membership fees, which is paid to the Global Student Government annually.
    2. A opt-in membership system for an Association Member’s students to sign up individually will be set up on the Global Student Government website. Individual membership rates vary by country as determined by the Legislative Assembly. From the revenue generated by the Association Member’s students who opt-in to Global Student Government individual membership, fifty percent (50%) will go to the Association Member and fifty percent (50%) will go to the Global Student Government. The Global Student Government will pay the Association Member its share of the revenue annually. The Association Member thus does not pay anything as an organization with this method, but instead gains revenue from being part of the Global Student Government, provided that it encourages its students to sign up for Global Student Government individual memberships.
  2. The organization has to hold a vote through its democratic body on joining the Global Student Government. The vote must attain a majority in favor of joining the Global Student Government. Such governing bodies include but are not limited to a board of directors or another group of elected student representatives, a general assembly, or a member referendum, depending on the organization’s internal rules.
  3. The organization’s representative fills out and submits the online application available on this page.
  4. The Executive Committee will review the application and will decide on admitting the organization through a majority vote.

Membership Application