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Summary of 1st GSG Legislative Assembly

By December 12, 2022No Comments

From November 25-27 2022, the Global Student Government (GSG) held its first Legislative Assembly. Over the course of three days, members of the GSG and the Informal Forum for International Student Organisations (IFISO) sent delegates from around the world who participated in various discussions pertaining to student advocacy and productive methods to lead a student organization.

Each discussion included diverse topics: climate change and student mobility to partnerships, engagement strategies, fundraising initiatives, communication strategies, housing accessibility and more! It was concluded that many delegates agreed on the importance of streamlining goals, developing comprehensive strategies, the use of advisory boards for advocacy purposes, and seeking partnerships with external organizations for sponsorship opportunities. Multiple members raised concerns about fewer funding opportunities for student governments than in previous years.

In addition to these discussions, the Legislative Assembly completed its first voting session where a number of motions were decided upon that established the foundational policy framework of the GSG and guided the organization’s future direction. Motions 1-9 and 11-12 were passed. While motion 10 was amended, it did not pass. Motions and other information about the Legislative Assembly can be viewed in the meeting package.

The GSG also provided a space for IFISO to elect its new Management Team and debate motions specific to student governments that are international in scope.

We are pleased with the outcome of GSG’s first Legislative Assembly and look forward to having many more in the coming years. More detailed Legislative Assembly minutes will be posted in the coming months. 

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