We are the Global Student Government. We work to provide a global democratic representative body for all students of the world.

International. Democratic. Student-run.

We are a global democratic student organization with a purpose of providing a streamlined representative body for all students of all fields of study.

Direct Democracy

The members of the Executive Committee are elected directly by members of student organizations that joined the Global Student Government.


Our organization is run entirely by students from different corners of the world from different fields of study.

Our Goals

As the international student union, we aim to serve the following purposes:


GSG provides a global democratic representative body for all students of all fields of study.


GSG advocates for students’ interests in policymaking processes at all levels of government.


GSG works to ensure quality democratic student representation exists at all continental, national, regional, and campus levels.


GSG works on establishing and maintaining lines of communication between student governments around the world.


GSG fosters continuous improvement of student services, student government capacity building, extracurricular activities, and all aspects of the student experience;


GSG works to ensure the preservation, access, transfer, and continuous expansion of knowledge pertaining to student government and all aspects of the student experience.




GSG By-elections

November 29, 2022
Dear GSG members, Thank you for participating in the first Legislative Assembly. We want to inform you that by-elections are now open for two vacancies…

Sahrawi Youth Student Union joins Global Student Government

July 6, 2022
On July 6, 2022, Sahrawi Youth Student Union (UJSARIO) formally became a member of the Global Student Government. UJSARIO (its Spanish abbreviation for Unión de…

Why the Global Student Government is important for student democracy

June 1, 2022
On April 7, 2022, a coalition of student governments from international to campus levels participated in the first Global Student Government (GSG) Executive Committee elections.…